603 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98104
Magic Mouse Toys
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603 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

Magic Mouse Toys
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Educational Toys in Seattle, WA

Magic Mouse Toys specializes in fun and entertainment for people who are young at heart, and we offer all kinds of dolls, games and educational toys and more in the Seattle, WA area.
Our store is fun, interactive and definitely meant for kids of all ages – and by that we don't mean just children. We have products to delight everyone, many of which can be tried in the store just for fun. Some of our items include dolls, stuffed animals, games, educational toys, chess sets, children's books, die fast cars, kites, Lego's, and puzzles.
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Visit our Game Room downstairs for an excellent choice in strategy and family games, as well as the classics, such as wood chess sets. We carry card decks for all ages: Old Maid and Snap for kids and many elegant card decks for adults based on art, floral, military and tarot themes.


Our Puzzle Cave features two chambers nestled in the original grey stone walls of our 100 year old building: one for Adult tastes such as The Sistine Chapel Ceiling, 3-D Notre Dame and the top 100 beers in the world. The Children's chamber offers puzzles from 6 to 300 pieces, with an emphasis on quality German brands.

Children's Books

Our children's books are displayed downstairs and run the gamut of classics we all grew up with to the latest and greatest tales. All titles carried are deemed to offer children an enriching reading experience.

Art Projects for Children

These are a particular love of Magic Mouse. We offer quality kits that allow a child to explore and express his or her creative interests. Whether its painting, weaving, jewelry making, coloring or model building, you will find age-appropriate choices that will both entertain and challenge your child to become engaged with completing a project.

Stuffed Toys

The choice you will find at Magic Mouse Toys is awesome. To say that Noah might choose to shop here, should he need to build another Ark, is not an exaggeration, for we have just about every critter and usually in several sizes and styles.

Science Toys

Find many well-chosen quality kits that are both easy to use and which provide a foundation for your child to further his or her interest in the world around us. We place particular emphasis on offering science items that do not frustrate a child [or the adult that is helping!].

Hand Puppets

Discover the latest and greatest in our puppet selection. We have over a hundred puppets that are innovative & imaginative. We have puppets for a 4 year old or even a 43 year old! Our puppet selection includes Disney, dragons, frogs, pigs, opossum (he's life sized), raccoons. Do not miss out on our hand or finger puppets!


Our selection emphasizes play value, and we feature Corolle dolls, famous for their beautiful French design and quality. These are the dolls that your child will fondly remember when she is 30 years old. They are soft, often washable and their hair can really be played with for hours.

Stocking Stuffers and Pocket Toys

You will find a myriad of fun small items to delight all ages. There's everything from Bendable Gumby and magnetic putty to Squirrel Underpants. We have over 60 styles of wind-up toys, nostalgic, vintage Fisher-Price pre-school toys, and quality candy. We have a fantastic collection of mythological creatures including, ice dragons, Medusa,and also dinosaurs galore. Stuff your Christmas stockings with panache: a Flying Monkey, wooden thumb puppets, stickers, hand painted German zoo and farm animal figures.

Brio Swedish Wooden Trains and Calico Critters

These sets provide imaginative play scenarios for children to act out real world adventures. They can be engineers with Brio Smart trains or set up house with a rabbit or cat family in Calico Critter rooms of furniture and houses.


You will find quality dress-up clothes for both boys and girls. We have dinosaur and bat capes, fairy princess gowns, mermaids, unicorns, and fair wings.

Custom Gift Wrap 

Our custom gift wrapping service is offered downstairs where you may select any of our classy paper choices with appropriate ribbon trim. We can wrap a backgammon set for an attorney and a pounding bench for a preschooler with age appropriate pizzazz!
Contact us anytime for a price or item check. We're glad to assist you by phone or email anytime.
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